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In This Newsletter

·  Meet Us at NAB '06: Booth SU-1425

·  FastBreak Moves on with NXT

·  FB Spots Passes the Torch to XPress

·  FlexEvents Automate Playlist Offsets 

·  Seeker and Ye Shall Find

·  View Your Playlist Anywhere with WebInventory

·  Teratrax Lets You Interface with MSDE

·  What's New on the Support Site?

·  Welcome Two New Engineers to Sundance


Meet Us at NAB '06

This year at NAB, Sundance Digital will introduce you to a variety of new and enhanced software products. These products can help simplify master control operations, news automation, and digital workflow/task management.  

You can meet our people and experience our products at booth SU-1425 in the South Hall/Upper Level. We’ll be demonstrating many of the new products featured in this newsletter as well as our most popular broadcasting solutions. 

In addition, the NAB-HD station will feature Sundance’s multi-channel Titan which manages the schedule of on-air broadcasts as well as controls the video server and master control room devices. 

Other locations where you can see Sundance products at work include the Avid, Pathfire, Snell & Wilcox, Sony, and Toshiba booths.

We look forward to seeing you at NAB 2006! 

Sundance Product News

FastBreak Moves on with NXT

FastBreak Automation has appreciated wide acceptance in the Television Broadcast world since its release seven years ago. FastBreak has been the control software of choice of many major broadcast groups. Upon this legacy, Sundance is proud to introduce FastBreak NXT.

FastBreak NXT builds upon experience combined with technology from our large-scale product, Titan. However, we designed FastBreak NXT specifically for the 1-4 channel operation; so, it’s the perfect solution for small to mid-sized stations.

FastBreak NXT Automation integrates database management with accurate control of video servers, tape transports, switchers, routers, and other peripherals for complete mastery of the broadcast transmission process.

One of the most powerful functions of FastBreak NXT is the FlexEventTM. Any element in the inventory, or any line in the playlist, can have a virtually unlimited number of secondary

events associated with it. These may involve anything from a simple GPI logo insertion trigger to a complex sequence  involving multiple devices.  

FastBreak NXT also provides the ability to define a complex series of events and encapsulate them into a single command for automatic execution. You can even create channel-specific FlexEvents to control different devices for each playlist in a multi-channel environment. 

As a FastBreak Automation customer, you’ll have options for upgrading your system. Systems that continue to operate FastBreak Automation will continue to receive basic support. Automatic upgrades, bug fixes, or customization will only be available after upgrading to NXT.

If you’re a Total Care Plus customer, your upgrade to NXT is included in the TC+ agreement. If you have standard Total Care or have let your support plan lapse, contact your regional sales representative or email [email protected].


FB Spots Passes the Torch to XPress

In the noble heritage of FastBreak, FastBreak Spot Play (“Spots”) was the smaller, simpler cousin of the full FastBreak Automation system. Now, we would like to introduce you to the bigger, stronger offspring of Spots: FastBreak NXT XPress.

XPress has much in common with NXT, but continues to provide the simplicity you expect from its parent, Spots. Like FastBreak NXT, XPress has a friendlier, easier to read interface with simple, intuitive controls. It uses an integrated SQL-compliant database and is upgradeable to a full FastBreak NXT--or even Titan--automation system.

The major feature that XPress has which Spots lacked is the ability to control a router or master control switcher. This means that you can achieve basic station automation with XPress.

Although we’ll miss Spots, you’ll discover that XPress offers you a more powerful solution for server-based spot insertion while remaining reasonably priced.

Call your regional sales representative for more information about upgrading your FastBreak Spot Play system to FastBreak NXT XPress or email [email protected].


FlexEventsTM Automate Playlist Offsets

Have you ever wanted to use offsets in several events throughout the automation log, but tire of repeatedly setting them up? Do not despair! The Sundance FlexEvent Editor automates the creation of a group of offsets. 

Setting up FlexEvents is simple; just use the included FlexEvent Editor to create FlexEvents. FlexEvents work with most traffic systems.

Access FlexEvents easily from the Playlist window. In the processed log, FlexEvents display as regular offsets.

You can even manually execute FlexEvents with FastBreak NXT’s Hot FlexEvent feature. Just use the assignable shortcut keys to activate them at any time. For example, to trigger a FlexEvent assigned to the F10 key, you would use the simple combination of Shift, Ctrl, and F10 pressed together.

For more information about FlexEvents and Hot FlexEvents, contact Support at (972) 444-8442, x2 or [email protected]


Seeker and Ye Shall Find

Looking for a simple, efficient way to manage tasks, workflow, assets, and media all in one? You’ll find it all in Sundance Seeker.

With Seeker, you can improve station operation efficiency. Seeker is the only asset/project management tool designed specifically for the television broadcasting environment. By combining traditional asset management with powerful task and workflow management as well as media management, we have developed a far-sighted product with many benefits for your station.

You can create, assign, and track tasks in Seeker. Assigning tasks to individuals or groups automatically notifies them by email and on their Seeker interface screen. Because Seeker integrates workflow management with asset management, you can attach multiple assets to a task and track progress,

deadlines, and recurring tasks. Workflow management simplifies moving media from editing to your play-to-air server using file transfer. Seeker even converts your media automatically using Telestream’s FlipFactory® (included).

Seeker’s ability to combine workflow management, asset management, and media management means extraordinary workflow control, informed staff, and up-to-the-moment status reporting on tasks and projects. This way, everyone in your station can work proactively. The improved project-related communication that Seeker provides translates to more efficient operation and fewer errors. And that means a smoother, easier work environment.

It’s what you’ve been looking for all along.

Order Seeker for your organization by contacting your regional sales director or emailing [email protected].


View Your Playlist Anywhere with Web Inventory

Web Inventory is an easy-to-use program that allows you to view many of the functions in your Sundance automation system. You can view your playlist (and more!) from any computer with an internet connection. 

As a web-based program with SQL Data Server, Web Inventory can reside in any location and communicate status information to your computer--both locally and remotely. So, you can log into Web Inventory and monitor your playlist anywhere you have an internet connection and web browser.

In addition to playlist monitoring, Web Inventory displays

  • Server Inventory

  • Tape Inventory

  • Intelli-Sat Schedule

Coming soon to Web Inventory are transfer status for Data Mover and SAM as well as Pathfire transfers in DDMS.

Contact your sales representative or email [email protected] to get WebInventory for your Sundance automation system.

Teratrax Lets You Interface with MSDE

For Sundance customers who have Paradox, we now offer the Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE), a version of SQL Server (also known as SQL Server Express Edition). Since MSDE lacks a user interface, we install Teratrax which allows you to view and modify the MSDE database.

Teratrax Database Manager manages the SQL Server with an easy-to-use interface. Teratrax Database Explorer provides access to almost all database actions in three mouse clicks or less.

Teratrax makes troubleshooting the database simple with one-stop views for managing objects like triggers and indexes, and table views with size and row count information. Teratrax Database Manager has a query editor called Intellisense with a complete built-in T-SQL reference.

With MSDE and Teratrax, you can run queries, edit data, and save query results as Excel, HTML, or XML--with a single click. To learn more about MSDE and Teratrax, email Sundance Technical Support.

What's New on the Support Site

The Sundance Support Site continues to offer you the most useful and up-to-date information on all of Sundance Digital’s products. Find recent additions in Documents , Utilities, and FAQ as well as updates to your software. 

Before you download, update, or install Sundance software, make sure to read the tech notes on the Download page. You can ensure your updated system works properly by reviewing the Modifications and Add-Ins. These will direct you to other software or utilities which you should also download and help you understand the changes in your system. If you have trouble

understanding these changes or what you need to do to bring your system up-to-date, contact Sundance Digital Technical Support at [email protected] or (972) 444-8442, x2.

Need a login to access the Support Site or have a suggestion for the Frequently Asked Questions? Contact us at [email protected].

Remember to check the website on a regular basis for more details on how to get the most out of your Sundance system.

Welcome Two New Engineers To Sundance

In the last couple months, Sundance has brought in two more engineers. This means more experience and expertise available to you and your Sundance automation system. Our two new members are Alan Louis and Cuong Thi.

Alan has a background in Radio, Television and Film and studied at the University of North Texas. He was the director of Audio/Visual at The Mansion on Turtle Creek, the only 5-star hotel and restaurant in Dallas.

Cuong comes to Sundance from Coppermark Bank where he was a Network Specialist. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management Information Systems.  His nickname here is “T2” so you can expect him to ‘Terminate’ your technical issues quickly and efficiently.

We’re proud to add these two to our mix of superior technical knowledge and helpful, positive personalities. They’ll join our other engineering staff in installing, upgrading, supporting, and troubleshooting your system—not to mention answering the questions you have from time to time.

Currently, our Engineering team at Sundance includes these other talented folks:

Look for these exceptional engineers at your station soon.

Remember, you can reach Sundance engineers at (972) 444 8442, ext. 2 or [email protected].


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