Thanks for taking the time to help out! I'll post results next month (give or take).
12/28/2011 04:11:44 am

Great poll! I enjoyed responding to the questions, and I can't wait to see the results.

12/28/2011 05:27:28 am

Looking forward to the results.

12/28/2011 06:43:27 am

Good questions. Looking forward to the results. Does Google Docs have an option to expand the text entry box so we can see our complete responses? Would be helpful next time out. ;)

Bill McIntire
12/28/2011 12:46:38 pm

Dificult to give you a complete thought with so little space to write in

Lisa Saunders
12/28/2011 09:02:32 pm

Great questions. I'm interested in seeing what you put together from our responses.

Diane Emory
12/29/2011 12:13:48 am

Thought the approach to the questions was a bit adverserial. Maybe I'm lucky in that I have good working relationships with the people I go to for information, which can be anyone--project managers, developers, or testers. The company cares about quality documentation and so helping the writers is an important part of the development process.

Julian Barker
1/2/2012 05:57:20 pm

As Diane says, you do seem to assume the natural disposition is for SMEs and IDs to be adversaries, rather than working together on a product. Perhaps you should run a survey on why this (sometimes) happens rather than on techniques for dealing with its inevitability!


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