In every meeting--whether by chance or by invitation--there is something to be gleaned. We learn something that we did not know before. Perhaps we learn just a name and title of a person. Or we may find that meeting has changed our perception and understanding in some fundamental way.

Certainly, the SWVBRC Orientation leaves a veteran with a sense of transformation. But, like the caterpillar's building of a cocoon, the change is only in preparation for some greater transformation.

In this manner I, the caterpillar, have been wrapped in the title of Learner--my cocoon--so that I may continue to develop my awareness of my role, rights, and responsibilities as a veteran and a contributor to the United States economy. I feel swaddled in the sense that there is something to look forward to--not only for myself, but for all veterans in all levels of need. Moreover, I have been reminded that I am not alone and am a member of a very special race: American Veterans.

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As 2010 begins, I've got several new things going on.
First is the completion and launch of the new Kineteka Systems website: This project aimed to consolidate the various Kineteka brands (PodGizmo, GeekLoot, VideoSlide, etc) and services into one place. A few bugs appeared post-launch, but that's inevitable. Overall, I'd say that it's a successful bit of news for 2010.
Second is the more personal news pertaining to home appliances. I discovered when trying to run a bath that the hot water heater is rusting inside-out. It's not leaked or blown just yet, but I'd rather not give it a chance. So, a new Energy Star water heater will arrive in the first month of this new year.
Additionally, I've been searching for a better washer/dryer combination for some time. With the new addition to the family due in March, laundry in a 10+ year old top-load washer and electric dryer would be something of an expensive, exhausting challenge. So, a high-capacity, front-load washer and natural gas dryer (Energy Star rated, of course) will also arrive this month.
Preparing for appliances and baby means lots of new work to do around the house. That's a lot of rearranging and organizing for the first quarter of 2010. I'm fascinated to see how my project management skills translate into family/home management.
Another new project is helping Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center gain a foothold in the DFW area as well as taking responsibility for their site: Although a volunteer position, I am enthusiastic about the ultimate mission of the organization: eradicating homelessness for veterans. Their empowerment philosophy is as impressive as their business plan. More on that as the project progresses.
A few other projects (paid and otherwise) are in the works and I'm hopeful. Of course, finding a full-time job in the near future would certainly top it all off.
Either way, 2010 has a lot in store. Happy New Year!