Some of my more observant friends and peers have pointed out that I've a particularly unique name. This is both a blessing and a curse. In a crowd of people I don't turn my head when someone yells "Jennifer!" or "Susie!" or some other fashionable name. On the other hand, it's rather difficult to hide comments, ideas, and embarrassing information on the Internet.
The obvious and oft-suggested solution is to use a pseudonym. Pseudonyms and nicknames are great and easily help identify one Jennifer from the other million. But, in our modern cybereality, there is no real secrecy--no true privacy. I know this because I do, in fact, have many alternate names. I have a dance name, a gaming name, a convention name, an SCA name, several online names, and oh the nickname my mother still calls me--despite my best efforts to teach her not to.
So rather than bury my head in the ground and pretend these names protect me, I'm baring my being to the digital world in the hope that those who find me here know me well enough to overlook those little embarassments. And those who don't... well, what can I do? I am who I am and I do what I do.
Welcome digiverse. You've found Arroxane.

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